Succession planning can be among the most important strategic tasks faced by the business's owners and executives. Navigating the transition from one generation to the next is especially important when the business represents the owners' most significant asset and source of income.

Strategic Support Services, Inc. assists owner-managed and family-owned businesses with succession planning by:

  • Facilitating discussions of family concerns that may affect the transition
  • Leading discussions of strategic leadership issues that should be addressed as part of the succession planning process
  • Coaching and career development planning for family members preparing to lead the business into the future
  • Assisting with charitable planning that may provide alternative or second careers for family members, economic benefit, and an opportunity to meet some of the family's non-business goals
  • Coordinating with other advisors to ensure that succession planning is supported by the owners' estate and other family financial plans

Strategic Support Services, Inc. has worked with executives and managers at all levels to develop their strategic leadership capabilities and to ready their organizations for the future.

Our objective is to help each organization to increase its effectiveness.