Owner-managed businesses demand special kinds of balance - between the long-term goals and the short-term needs of the business as well as between the goals of the owners and the needs of the business. The loyalties that have often been central to the historical success of these organizations also make special demands in areas as diverse as employee management, customer communications, and administrative systems.

Strategic Support Services, Inc. assists owner-managed businesses to reach the next stage of their development by working with them to adapt their current strengths to a dynamic and changing environment by:

  • Working with the owners and managers to make products and services responsive to customers' demand
  • Identifying key competitor and market characteristics and helping owners adjust current operations to meet the challenges they impose
  • Ensuring that operating and administrative systems support changing business needs
  • Coaching for managers who need to enhance their historical competencies with new skills

Strategic Support Services, Inc. has worked with executives and managers at all levels to develop their strategic leadership capabilities and to ready their organizations for the future.

Our objective is to help each organization to increase its effectiveness.